At Griffith Knights we take pride in recruiting players from all parts of QLD and the Gold Coast. One of Griffith Knights favourite sons, Scott Higginbotham came from the Knights YOU COULD HELP OUR NEXT WALLABY.

As a club we are always on the lookout for people that can mentor or help our players in one way or another. We are always interested to hear from people that can offer the following:

  • » Full time employment
  • » Casual work
  • » Careers advice
  • » Short term accommodation
  • » To join the “mentor a Knight” program

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Griffith Knights is a family club. Whether you are playing for our junior clubs in the under sixes or have played 100 grade games you are part of the Griffith Knights family and we are here to help you with whatever you want to achieve in Rugby, your career or personal wellbeing.

This is the inaugural year of the “Mentor a Knight” program. This program has been set up to assist new players to Griffith Knights. It gives local families and friends of Griffith Knights a chance to care for players that maybe new to Griffith Knights or from outside Gold Coast. By mentoring a player it doesn’t mean that the player has to live with you 24/7. You might invite the player to your family dinner, you might watch his game every now and then or maybe you might just keep in contact to see if he is ok. The “mentor a Knight” program will be very beneficial to our players and very rewarding for you and or your family.

The program is especially encouraged for the families that have boys playing in the juniors.


Many Griffith Knights families have mentored Knights over the years. Most have embraced the relationship and made the most of the opportunity offered to them. One of the many positive examples was a lower Grade colt’s player a family took in from the country. This player could not complete a colts training session on arrival, was overweight and was unsocial. After his year with the Griffith Knights family he was fit, full of self-confidence and could hold court in any conversation. It was wonderful to witness.

To get involved in the Mentor a Beastie program please contact us at


If you need casual work e.g Labouring please call and let them know that you play or are involved with Griffith Knights Rugby